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Teen Choice Awards Fashion FaceOff Ashley Greene vs. Nikki Reed, Take II!

Teen Choice Awards Fashion FaceOff: Ashley Greene vs. Nikki Reed, Take II!


Nikki Reed is out for revenge. Ashley Greene is out for a repeat. And only you, THG readers, can determine which dream will come true…

A year ago, these Twilight Saga beauties went at it in a Fashion FaceOff that elicited a surprising result: with thousands of votes cast, Greene blew away her pretty competition. Check thepoll results for yourself.

Can Reed bounce back? Can Greene defense her title? Is the mounting tension too much to handle? End it now. Compare. Contrast. Decide.


Nikki Reed takes on Ashley Greene in this Fashion FaceOff. Only one beauty can win!

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Britney Spears Shops with Jayden James, Sean Preston

Britney Spears Shops with Jayden James, Sean Preston


Enjoying her brief time off in betweenUK Circus tourdates, Britney Spears took sons Sean Preston, 3 1/2, and Jayden James, 2 1/2, to Hamleys Toy Shop in London.

Talk about a cute picture, even if JJ is a tad old to be rocking the pacifier.

Then again, neither of KFed’s sons were dropped on their heads at any point during the day, so we can consider the family outing a success. Team Britney!

Here’s our girl with the cutest little tykes around

Britney Spears and Her Sons

The recovering ringleader next hits the stage Wednesday in Manchester, England, before heading to Ireland and France as The Circus Starring Britney Spears rolls on.

So far, reaction to the singer’s European tour has been mixed:

  • The Sun, under the headline "All A Brit Dull," called Britney Spears, who is dating her agentJason Trawick, "completely uninspiring … just a girl walking around, flicking her hair and miming to some average pop songs."
  • The Daily Mirror, however, loved "Britney’s Sexy Circus," saying anyone expecting a  wholesomeasmom’sapplepie image are in for a rude awakening!"
  • The Guardianopined that "there’s something unsexy about all of it, possibly because of something weirdly characterless about the woman at its centre."
  • The Daily Mail, noting some of her welldocumented troubles, praised the show and Spears for staging of one of pop’s most "remarkable comebacks."
  • Daily Telegraph rock writer Neil McCormick writes: "Lipsynced, autotuned and double tracked, her vocals are as unashamedly prerecorded as her backing tracks," calling it "the most perfectly plastic pop show ever staged." 

Her critics probably just haven’t seen those clips ofSean Preston and Jayden James dancing. Now that would change the minds of even the most ardent haters.