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Lorenzo Lamas Married to Shawna Craig! Taking Her Name!

Lorenzo Lamas: Married to Shawna Craig! Taking Her Name!


Lorenzo Lamas. It’s a name that once made the ladies swoon.

At least we assume so. It’s been kind of awhile since he was relevant. In any case, that name is soon to be a thing of the past, because Lorenzo just married longtime fiancee Shawna Craig and will be taking her surname!

Lorenzo Lamas and Shawna Craigwed last weekendin Mexico.

Shawna Craig

So why the name change? "To start over fresh" from all of his previous marriages and divorces (this is the man’s fifth marriage), according to the star’s rep.

Shawna would be the fifth Mrs. Lamas. But that does sound pretty bad. So, Lorenzo is going to reverse the tradition and become the first Mr. Craig.

Lorenzo Craig. It doesn’t exactly evoke the same weakintheknees feeling, but you know what, give it up forShayne Lamas‘ dad for the gesture.


Lisa Vanderpump Details Bloody Restaurant Attack

Lisa Vanderpump Details Bloody Restaurant Attack


A Real Housewife of Beverly Hills was involved in a real messy, violent situation early this morning.

Asdetailed toTMZ by Lisa Vanderpump herself, this reality star was dining at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge with her husband and another couple when a man at another table started in with the harassment.

Vanderpump quoted the "extremely drunk" man as saying:

"I’ve seen the show. You’re wearing a lot more makeup now, and your eyes are darker and smokier. What are you doing sitting with old people?"

Lisa Vanderpump Photo

It’s not easy being a rich reality TV star.

At this, Lisa’s husband, reporter Robert Kovacik, walked over and asked the man to quiet down. He allegedly responded by striking Kovacik in the face and pushing him to the ground.

Police were called to the scene, but Vanderpump and Kovacik did not press charges. *

Instead, they went to the home of Dr. Paul Nassif (the husband of Lisa’s costar, Adrienne Maloof) and took care of Robert’s injuries there. Vanderpump says the attacker was "outrageous" and hopes Robert does bring charges against him.

Of course, because this is a reality TV star we’re talking about, it must be asked: were cameras around at the time of the confrontation?

* UPDATE: Hours later, the couple returned to the police station and requested that charges be filed.